3 Steps Toward Improving Your Business Team

It’s not easy for company owners to put together effective business teams. On the one hand, you want team members to work well together, but on the other, you want each individual to manifest the unique strengths that make them most effective. Here are some steps you can take to improve and empower your business teams.

Create a Diverse Team

Assembling a team of similar individuals doesn’t provide the range of abilities that business teams need. Conduct assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of potential team members, and put together a group with complementary personalities and skill sets. For instance, if one member is analytical and sticks to the rules, balance those characteristics by adding another member who is flamboyant, competitive, and creative. They may experience a degree of friction when they work together, but they make up for this with a dynamism that generates ideas and sales. If you’ve already put together a team composed of like-minded people, be sure that the personality and talents of the next addition offer some contrast.

Embrace Company Culture and Common Goals

Although it’s invigorating to have diverse individuals on your business teams, use company culture and common goals to unite them and get them all moving in the same direction. The shared values of company culture provide unity and cohesion. Awareness that the various jobs they perform are all working towards a single objective gives them an appreciation for one another that binds the team together despite their differences.

Encourage Autonomy

Once you have explained the goals and established each person’s role within the team, step back, and let them work. If you have put together a group of individuals with the right aptitudes and skill sets, they should be able to perform well on their own with very little oversight. Be there to monitor performance, offer guidance, and answer questions, but trust them to get their jobs done.

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