A Few Common Misconceptions About SEO

Some SEO pros will tell you it is simple – at least for them to do.

But that’s often because they’ve spent a lot of time learning the rules. The truth is that SEO can be challenging, partly because the rules keep changing. But it is something that just about anyone can learn, and often see great results.

SEO shouldn’t be your company’s prime focus, unless you’re a SEO consulting firm. But it should be a useful tool that can drive traffic and more business. You’ll still be responsible for other items like content, customer service and products or service. But SEO can definitely help people find you online.

For those considering upping their SEO skills, here are some other misconceptions.

No big penalties. “You don’t want to get penalized by Google for bad SEO, do you?” is a question that begs the answer “Of course not!” But Google will tell you that SEO mistakes really aren’t that bad. Getting something wrong, even a few letters, might put your listing slightly lower, but Google reserves larger penalties for people who deliberately violate their policies, like using artificial or deceptive means to boost rankings.

Every site is unique. Though there are common approaches to becoming more SEO-friendly, what doesn’t work so well is trying to treat every site the same. Every business may have a different audience with different interests and questions. The results also might be different for every business owner – is the goal more traffic? More orders? Longer time on site? Is there a timeframe that a certain goal should be achieved? Every business may answer differently.

Content remains king. The days of simply listing dozens of keywords on a page, sometimes invisibly, are gone. Or at least these sort of basic pages are ranked lower, while sites with unique, sticky content stay higher. Smart businesses should still go through the process of anticipating what sorts of words people can possibly use to visit their site, and make sure these are purchased and show up in the text.

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