Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Content Marketing

In the 21st century’s digital age we all hear about all kinds of different marketing from inbound marketing to digital marketing. However, the one type of marketing that has been around far longer than any of these types of marketing is content marketing. People have been marketing content for many years before the digital age came along and continue to market content even today.

The greatest example of content marketing came back in the 1980s from Marvel Comics when they introduced G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Marvel Comics has since put out other blockbuster releases such as Iron Man and The Avengers.

Not much as has changed since the 1980s when it comes to content marketing. The crowd still wants a good story that grabs and captivates their attention. Stories that want to make people “stay tuned for more”.

How Has Content Marketing Changed?

Content marketing still has the same point it has always had since “back in the day” to provide a story or an idea that captivates the audiences and keeps them wanting more. However, today, content marketing has been applied to newer types of media.

One great example of how content marketing has changed is that it has had to adapt to social media. Today, content is posted on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the world to view. Each site focuses on different aspects of the content or “story” they are sharing. For example, Instagram is largely based on pictures while Twitter limits messages to short blurbs of only a few lines.

All of these new ways to tell stories can be useful if you are looking to reach millions of users from a certain demographic. However, you will have to relate to those users before they are going to “buy into” your story and use your product or service.

Moreover, advertising is also changing as the content is marketed towards certain audiences who will need a certain product. For example, diapers are targeted towards expectant mothers or new mothers while frozen meals are marketed towards people who are busy and often will not have the time to cook. If the contents of your advertisement do not register with the people who are seeing your advertisements, your business will likely feel the ramifications of that lack of marketing.

The 3 Steps to Quality Content Marketing:

There are still 3 basic and very simple steps to effective content marketing. Those include:

  • Mapping the content to the pain point.
  • Use the right type of content for the appropriate audience (or they won’t resonate with it).
  • Map the content you are delivering through to the buying cycle (see if the return on your advertisements are what you need them to be to be lucrative).

This strategy will apply to virtually all audiences across all disciplines. If your content does not resonate with the right people and your product doesn’t sell your company’s bottom line will feel it. Effective marketing is the same as ever and that is providing quality content for the audience you are attempting to reach.

Use GI Joe as your prime leading example

For more information on marketing your content strategy to the right population and getting the return on your investments that you need to help your business grow please contact us here at Proactive Digital Marketing. We will be happy to provide you with everything you need to get started.

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