How Online Advertising Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Online channels have become one of the best ways to advertise your small business online to help grow your audience and spread the word of your brand. Spreading the word about your brand means more followers and more chances to do business.

It’s worth noting that some online platforms offer more opportunities for small businesses to grow and get the word out than others. The following are some of the best options for getting the word out and ensuring that more people hear about your small business:


Facebook offers a lot of different options for companies to pay to have their name and brand advertised. Facebook gets an incredible amount of traffic with more than two billion visitors a day the exposure a company can get through sponsored and paid advertising is enormous. You will be exposed to a variety of different people with a variety of different interests. This helps increase the chances of your business improving increase immensely.

Facebook always has changing algorithms to help you continue to attract and find the users who are most likely to use your product and increase your business.


Instagram is a site that was founded on telling stories through pictures. More than 500 million people currently use the app every day and the customer base are highly coveted Millennial and Generation Z users. This user base uses the latest up-and-coming technologies and the most modern platforms available for online channeling at that time. Most young users are highly interactive, which means they will interact with your brand and are more likely to remember it in the long run.

Moreover, Instagram will reach a highly mobile audience who are using more devices like smartphones while they are on the go rather than using desktop computers. This is a great option to reach an entirely different audience almost all through exclusively mobile devices. Instagram is also a great way to create ad campaigns for your business all while using mobile devices.


Snapchat exploded onto the scene in 2011 and has been a powerhouse to be reckoned with ever since. Paid advertising was added in 2014 and many small businesses took notice. Some of the features Snapchat offers users include the incredibly useful geofilter as well as sponsored lenses and snap ad videos. All of these tools allow the business to make their ad campaign all their own. This helps the business meet their personal needs and those of their business to help increase their profit margins and levels of business.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords offers the premier customized advertising experience for a business to reach their target demographic. Google Adwords uses patented algorithms to match products and advertisements together to show users products and services they might by interested in purchasing based on the information and content they are viewing at the time. The more your business has products and service shown to customers the more likely they are to do connect and want to do business with your company. The result is a boost in sales and productivity for your company.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are another online channel through which products and services can be advertised. Using Google Display Ads can provide your company with a way to reach a variety of different users as the advertisements show up to people who are Google searching related topics. While some users may not feel that the optimal time for seeing advertisements is while they are searching for something online, others will end up seeing the advertisement and clicking on the ad anyways. This can increase business and exposure for small companies who are looking to pick up additional clients and increase their profit margins.


Twitter offers a short form way for companies to reach new users. Posting information about new products and services in shorthand makes it more likely that users who are short on time will read the entire message rather than using larger, longer forms of advertisement. New products and services can be shared and “retweeted” by those interested in the services and those who want to share it with their followers. “Retweets” can help the word of your business’s offerings spread fast to increase business and cash flow respectively.

These are just a few of the online channels that are great for fledgling businesses to use to help them get up off the ground and in working order. Reaching more customers who are interested in your product is the key to helping your business grow and flourish.

For more information on choosing the right online channel for your business please feel free to the Proactive Digital Marketing Company about how you can get started showing your company’s offerings and products to new customers today.

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