Powerful Time Management Tactics for Small Business Owners

Efficient time management is an essential aspect of small business success. It involves cultivating a sense of urgency, eliminating procrastination, and working single-mindedly and steadily on the most important tasks at hand. Once you commit yourself to learning proper time management, you become stronger at it the more you practice. Here are some tips to help you master this vital skill.

Plan Your Activities

Form the habit of writing down your daily to-do lists an evening in advance. This allows you to get a quick start on the day. Include everything you left unfinished from the current workday and any new tasks you need to perform. Additionally, you should have a master list of long-term goals as well as monthly and weekly to-do lists. Look over these lists as you plan the upcoming day. As you proceed through your workday, mark off items as you finish them. The sense of accomplishment this generates is energizing.

Avoid Distractions

As you focus on your most urgent activities, steer clear of time-wasting distractions such as social media and email. Switch off your phone when you’re trying to get work done. Before you schedule another meeting, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Never multitask. When you try to do too many things at once, you don’t do anything well.

Organize Your Workspace

A messy workspace detracts from effective time management, while a desk devoid of clutter allows you to think more clearly. Similarly, keep your computer screen free of distracting icons. Organize office supplies so that they are always ready at hand and well stocked.

Answer Email Efficiently

Answering emails whenever they arrive is extremely inefficient. Instead, schedule a block of time once or twice a day when you take care of all your accumulated email messages at once. Switch off audible notices of incoming emails, and delete messages that you don’t need. Keep your answers concise and businesslike.

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