Email Marketing Might Be Your Best Investment

Understanding how different digital marketing strategies work for different industries is key to any company’s success. One area that many companies overlook is email marketing. While they are simple and they’ve been around for a while, email marketing services tend to provide the strongest return on investment in a variety of sectors, including hospitality and publishing services. Even where they are not the highest-return digital marketing strategy, they provide an important service that helps ensure you retain customers who might have otherwise fallen out of touch with your company.

Combining Email Marketing and Content Marketing

One of the most important things we do is combine our effective marketing strategies by putting useful content from your blog and outside sources into your email newsletters. This makes them viable channels for promoting content marketing solutions, increasing their spread and reminding customers about your business. That can help jog the memory of older clients who haven’t been in touch, and it also helps your social media strategy grow.

Offer Customers More Through Email

Another aspect of email marketing that customers love is the availability of it as a channel for discounts and loyalty deals. When you offer special discounts to email subscribers, you give them an incentive to come back. Combining those incentives with your content marketing makes your emails a special event customers will start to look forward to.

  • Get more return business
  • Build loyalty
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Incentivize subscriptions

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