The Advantages of Email Marketing

As much as marketers push social media marketing or even text-based marketing, some customers still aren’t comfortable with these newer methods.

However, there is still a good deal of comfort that can be found in traditional email marketing. Email has been around for more than 20 years and remains a steady and reliable source of digital communication. Although there are some great things you can do with texting, there are still methods email marketing can do better.

Offering email only may not be the wisest idea – email marketing should be part of an overall content marketing strategy. It’s a perfect way to expand your message along with reaching those who may not be part of other channels.

Try some of these tips to put a great outreach plan together:

Use an autoresponder

This tool helps you keep track of how many emails are going out, how many are opened and how many are diverted. Many also handle some tasks such as adding and removing people at their request. It also helps organize your various lists and plan a message – all you have to do is figure out when it go out.

Make the subject line exciting

Some of your senders will receive hundreds of emails a day, so may only scan subject lines for a few seconds and decide if they should open or delete. So you should make this part as exciting, maybe even more so, than your message.

Follow the rules

Ensure that your message matches the subject so recipients don’t feel disappointed – a good way to get them to not trust you in the future or even un-subscribe. If you promise fun, make it fun. If you promise a good offer include a great offer.

Grow your subscriber list everywhere

Put forms on your site or blog inviting people to sign up for email notifications or an email newsletter. Tell people about the value of signing up other places like your Facebook messages. You’ll need these legit opt-ins to continue to spread the word.

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