The Top 3 Advantages of Using Social Media Marketing for Your Company

Getting the word out these days is different than it was even a decade ago.

Back then, social networks like Facebook and Twitter were just starting, so the ability to use them to promote your business wasn’t as precise as it is today.

Social media marketing experts can now figure out how to reach ideal audiences for their product or service. Networks also allow people from all over the world to learn about you and what you do. Of course, not everyone will need what you offer, but the variety of social networks does make outreach significantly easier to your customer base. Even paid campaigns to boost exposure can be fairly affordable.

For those considering jumping into social media marketing or expanding and adapting their strategies, since best practice change often, consider these options:

Research your customers’ needs and wants

One of the worst things a company can do is roll out a great social media marketing campaign that no one gets excited about. Part of your planning should find out what channels your customers frequent, what they do, how long they spend, and what can make them go to another site. Or if they feel comfortable buying online.

Learn to automate

Unless you have the staff and the budget to dedicate to monitoring and updating social media around the clock, you’ll need to prioritize your posting. This means planning the optimal times to deliver your message so it is seen by the largest and most receptive audience. It means it’s important to focus on a schedule so your staff isn’t always posting.


Your campaigns can have various goals – traffic, purchases, click-throughs, or sales. But these are all based on getting people excited. Part of this includes being willing to have a conversation with them stemming from your posts. They can discuss current topics, ask for help, or they can complain. Showing that you’re willing to interact with just about anything – even the tough stuff – can go a long way in establishing your business as something exciting and dynamic.

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